Paint Recycling

Hotz is Ontario’s leader in paint recycling. As part of our international paint recycling program, we help transform unused and leftover paint from across Ontario into paint and coatings products that are marketed around the globe, satisfying an international demand for affordable, high quality paint.


Paint cans

In Ontario, leftover or unused paint represents approximately 40% of all household hazardous waste collected each year. Recognizing this large volume of unused and potentially hazardous paint, Hotz Environmental Services was the first to develop paint recycling programs for both latex and alkyd paints.

Since 1992, Hotz’s paint recycling services have converted a local dilemma into a global solution by recycling paint and coating products and creating marketable, high quality recycled paint products for sale around the world.

As a pioneer in the Canadian paint recycling industry, in 1995 Hotz was honoured to receive a prestigious Recycling Council of Ontario Award. Today, we remain the leader in paint recycling in Canada, handling the vast majority of all paint and coatings recycled each year in Ontario at our advanced paint recycling facilities. Our innovative, advanced paint reprocessing system guarantees that every gallon we recycle for reuse meets the strictest specifications for high quality paint products.

Hotz is proud to actively support one of the flagship measures for sustainable waste diversion with our paint recycling services.

Contact a member of the Hotz team today to find out more about our international paint recycling program and how you can recycle your leftover paint and coating products.